Social fitness on your phone?

OK, you want to get fit but you would rather squeeze in a few games of words with friends or check your social feed.

What to do? The people at Ammunition and Bonnier R&D might have the solution and it is called Teemo.

Here it is in a nutshell. You sign up, get a few facebook friends to join in and together you all perform short tasks (exercises) to complete your virtual goal.

Goals include climbing Everest, Trek Europe, Run across a desert or perform a Jungle Rescue. You only need a few minutes to complete a task or mini workout which could be 30 seconds of straight arm plank or 30 seconds of backwards lunges. Of course you can cheat but where’s the fun in that?

Getting you other FB friends moving with you can be a pretty enjoyable experience. Its free for a limited time and only for iOS (iphone, ipad) so if you are at least interested give it a go. What have you got to lose? I have a few extra kilos I could do without.

Find the teemo website here.

Here is the review/writeup from

Better still, find me on facebook and join my team!