Scam email aimed at Australian businesses.

I have got a few reports on some scam emails appearing in business inboxes this Monday morning and I have received the same in my own email.

Here’s how to spot it.

I have highlighted a couple of points in the email that should alert you to the scam.

The email appears to come from ASIC and seems to be about a business registration renewal. The game is up however when you take a look at the address of where it came from.

The sender address does not end with which is the official domain of the Australian Securites and Investments Commission. Take a look at the address and you will see that it ends with This should set alarm bells ringing for most people.

Also if you hover your mouse over the link to the renewal letter you will notice it goes to somewhere strange. The link in this case (with some key elements redacted) is[redacted]. Again if there was anything official coming from ASIC you would expect it to include to be included in the address.

There is a way to safely open and check these emails without putting your systems at risk and that is to open them with either an iPhone/iPad or with a secure and isolated service like Bankvault Online’s SafeWindow.


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