Samsung security flaw can kill your phone

A recently exposed security flaw in Samsung’s touchwiz interface could wipe your phone and lock your SIM.

Ravi Borgaonkar a security researcher at the Security in Telecommunications department at Technical University Berlin has discovered a flaw in the default software running on Samsung devices. This security flaw is triggered by websites, QR codes or other applications that access the native phone application and send a short but powerful code to the phone which will instantly wipe your phone and/or lock your phone SIM rendering your phone useless.

Thankfully there are no reports of data theft or leaks of personal information.

I have not heard of many other phone security flaws that have had this sort of impact. Samsung has been reported as issuing an update to fix this fault. All owners of the following phones are urged to check to see if there have been any updates issued since Wednesday October 26th 2012.

  • Galaxy S Advance
  • Galaxy S II
  • Galaxy S III
  • Galaxy Ace
  • Galaxy Beam

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