Samsung Galaxy S4

With the Galaxy S4 Announced last week I thought I should take a look at the changes from the Galaxy S3, Samsung’s previous flagship device.img_design_01

On the surface they are basically the same size but the S4 has a less rounded look and is thinner and slightly lighter. The screen is slightly larger and packs in a solid 441 pixels per inch which is the highest real resolution of all smartphones available today. Under the hood things get really interesting with the processor possibly the fastest on the market yet, more RAM than other competitors and up to 64GB of storage with the option to increase this further with a MicroSD card making the question of having enough storage a non-issue.

The camera is an impressive 13Megapixel monster capable of shooting true 1080p high definition video with a 2.1Megapixel front facing camera .

The software is backed by Android 4.2.2 and has the Samsung TouchWiz interface which has been well recieved by reviewers. Features include Smart Scroll and Smart Pause where the phone is actually watching you and will scroll pages as your eyes reach the bottom of the page and videos pause when you look away. Air Gesture is another feature that makes the screen so sensitive you barely have to brush it to interact with the screen.

The replaceable battery has not been left out either with an upgrade from 2100mAh to 2600mAh. It is unsure if this will translate directly to more use between charges but with nice power saving features in the processor that shut down half of the cores when not needed are giving people hope.

At the end of the day, the S4 is definitely an improvement over the S3 and we should see this newcomer pretty well accepted by the public.