Review : Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Car Wifi

Telstra Pre Paid 4GX Car Wifi
Tiny device : big performance.

Or : How I defeated a massive network failure with a tiny dongle.

Price at time of review : AUD$79.00 (Includes 6GB of data to use within 30 days.)
Ideal for : Anyone that needs fast internet in a hurry or on the road.
Verdict : 5/5. A must have to stay connected any where, any time.

I had picked up a Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Car WiFi a short time ago with the intent to put it though its paces over the Christmas break but like all plans I make over the festive downtime they fall on their face.

I had toyed with this device earlier in December when I got it up and running with the Pre-Paid Freedom Plus plan and put it away while I concentrated on other pressing business that usually looms as everyone has a big list of things for me to do before the end of year break kicks in.

Speedtest result 4GX
This is the worst it got. Pretty damn good.

The performance was very impressive. I ran speed tests in the CBD and in the outer suburbs with the speed never dropping below 30Mb/s and in getting as fast as 77Mb/s in the far flung fringes of Perth metro area!

This is fast and flexible. You can plug this little device in to your laptop to connect directly to the internet or you can use the included cigarette lighter adapter to turn your car into a rolling wifi hotspot to share with up to 5 devices along for the ride.

4GX Speedtest
This was a 4GX speedtest in Gingin. 77.66Mb/s!

Super-simple to set-up and use, this device is ideal for the mobile worker needing a fast connection away from the office or as a blazing fast backup for when your usual broadband connection decides to go AWOL.

Luck paid off when after 24 hours of no internet I had to get some work done so when I dug this dongle out of my bag I simply had to plug it into my main workstation, top up the pre-paid plan and I was getting work done on a connection that rivalled my regular super-fast NBN connection.

This is a great way to connect if you are on the move or as a standby solution for anyone needing a way to cope with those incredibly inconvenient outages.

Summary : With a simple USB cigarette lighter accessory Telstra have repackaged a USB WiFi device as a true mobile internet gateway but the star of the show is the Telstra 4GX network that decimates all other mobile internet services and all but the fastest of fixed line services.

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