Review : Nuheara IQBuds

Over at my new website, I did a full review on my time with the Nuheara IQBuds but here is the quick rundown for you.

These bluetooth earbuds are light, high performance earbuds with good noise cancelling qualities making them ideal for people that care about audio quality. These intelligent buds have a great trick that twists the noise cancelling tech into assistive listening devices (kind of a half-step towards hearing aids) that allow you to filter out background noise to better hear conversations in environments like pubs, restaurants and at home.

They are stored in a really cool little charging case and pair quickly and easily with your bluetooth device. The control surfaces allow you to start and stop audio, switch noise profiles and turn the noise cancellation on and off.

These are not cheap at AUD$399 but still better value and less bulky than competing models (Bose Quietcontrol 30 – AUD$449).

For a full write-up, have a look at the review posted at

If you are shopping for a high-end set of Bluetooth earbuds the Aussie designed IQBuds should be at the top of your list.

Pros :
Good Assistive Hearing tech
Excellent sound quality and noise cancelling
Snug fit
Long battery life
Small and easy to manage

Cons :
Touch surfaces are very sensitive. I sometimes started and stopped things by inserting/removing the buds.
Bluetooth link is prone to dropouts does not deal well with obstacles.

Best for :
Anyone looking for high end earbuds particularly travellers and others looking for a flexible and compact personal audio solution.
People that could use a little assistive hearing but are not quite ready for hearing aids.

Availability : Now from

Price : AUD$399, USD$299