Questions : Internet Security 17/9/2014

questionNow and then I get some questions. Some of them are pretty good ones. I have decided to share these with my visitors. They will all be posted under the FAQ category so if you have a question, please ask and if you are looking for answers you might find some here.

This one is a question sent direct to me on Facebook ( from Kyra.

Hiya there Ben,
As I am not very technologically advanced I am hoping you can point me in the right direction as I am wanting to buy a security program system for my laptop.
My son has only just advised me that our paid version of avg which included a “quick fix” type add on expired a few weeks ago!
I am a bit worried as both my hubby and son have been playing games via Facebook and they do a lot of web browsing.
Anywho’s sorry about the long winded epic email, as there are so many choices what would be the best security program that’ll protect us for things like
online shopping/ paypal/
online banking,
Facebook games
But at the same time won’t cost the earth!?!
We have a sony vaivo (aprox 3 yrs old)
That runs Microsoft
Thank you ever so much for your time, I know your extremely busy and greatly appreciate not only your time but also help.
Kindest Regards,

Ben Aylett
Ben Aylett
Hey Kyra,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a good place to start (it’s also free!) but if you are after a fully paid security suite, here are my top picks..

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 (has consistently ranked at the top for the last few years).

Closely behind Bitdefender is Kaspersky Internet Security. Also a solid performer.

Of course sticking with AVG is an option also.

I would recommend getting ONE security solution and also use Malwarebytes Antimalware (Free or premium) to cover the rest of the threat spectrum (

Of course all the safety in the world is not going to help if you click on every single popup on you see.Stopping and thinking “Did I actually go looking for this?” before clicking can help prevent problems in the future.

Be careful of warnings that pop up while on the internet and feel free to check back with any more questions you have.