Question from a Client

I get some good questions from clients in my day to day running around and fixing stuff. Some are worth sharing.

“You were talking about something called Stan – streaming TV & movies but we need to get some kind of device to be able to watch it on the TV. Could you let me know what this device is called? Is there a good range of TV shows & movies on Stan? How does it work exactly?”

Stan is something really cool and we are also looking at a similar service coming online in a few days called Netflix (24th March 2015).

These are both services that can kind of be viewed like Foxtel, Presto and Quikflix but you do not need a special set top box although a cool little widget makes it possible to watch on your TV. More on that later.

It works on two fronts.. The service and the hardware.

The service in this case is Stan ( a subscription based service from a company called StreamCo.

Put simply it is kind of like a spin on Youtube. You have a heap of TV episodes and movies that you can access and stream from the internet. You can use your PC, Smartphone or tablet to browse and watch video over the internet.

This is different to other services like Apple TV and Google Play where you rent or buy a movie or TV episode much like we used to do with Video Rental Stores.

The subscription service from services like Stan is known as “All you can eat” which means you pay a monthly subscription to have free and unrestricted access to the library.

As far as what they have available, there is a pretty big selection. There is Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (Breaking Bad Spinoff), The Tudors, Spartacus (I am watching this right now – first season was great) and of course heaps of kids shows. There are plenty of movies as well as The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings etc.

$10 a month for Stan. Pretty good value, I would be interested to see what Netflix will be.

Now onto the hardware.

The Google Chromecast is one of my favourite devices for this. For less than $50 you can send video from your PC or smartphone/tablet to your TV.

You use your phone or tablet as a remote allowing you to connect the chromecast to your wireless network and you are ready to go.

You get Stan online by going to and you can purchase Google Chromecast from JBHiFi, Dick Smith and other big box stores or direct from the Google Play store.

You can also use the Apple TV instead of the Chromecast if you like. A little more expensive but you also get access to additional apps.

If you have any other questions feel free to send them in.