Podcast : Tech Tonight 14/5/2016

This week on Tech Tonight : Bad websites, self driving cars and streaming radio better.

  • We realise we are very dependant on technology how would we actually cope without it?
  • Bad website design? There has got to be a better way.
  • I talk about a new technology known as chatbots coming of age.
  • Chris calls in about a problem with the Medicare website when it comes to customer service and website design.
  • Michael has issues with 6PRs streaming, our listeners have some good ideas.
  • James points to my.gov.au as an example of a bad website and chat about security.
  • 2 Factor Authentication can be defeated, how they do it and how to stay safe.
  • Brian wants to know about VPN services for Android.
  • I have a discount code for ProXPN for listeners.
  • Phil recommends TuneIn.com for streaming 6PR live.
  • Ben wants to know how good his Optus connection is and we look at upgrade options.
  • Did you know that soon we can soon buy a cheap DIY kit that will make your car autonomous. This could change everything.
  • A local business comes up with a genius solution to empty commercial spaces. popupshopup.com.au
  • Terry has a suggestion for popupshopup.com.au.

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End of Windows 10 nagging is coming!

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