Perth’s first charity gaming event.

12084021_10153403088281144_1015680264_nI am proud to be a tiny part of a charity event, the first of it’s kind to be held in Perth and hosted by the Roo Teeth Western Australia Gaming Community .

The event is aiming to raise funds for the local Starlight Foundation over 12 hours on the 17th of October and will be streaming live from the SpaceCubed Collaborative Work Space.

Event Organiser Lenny Trollip says on the event page:
“Roo Teeth Game Day will be a State Tournament. There will be a few tournaments to prove once and for all which state is the best.
Whilst we are competing in shenanigans we will be streaming LIVE on Twitch and YouTube, and hopefully the people watching will be entertained enough to donate.”

I can state that I will be doing my very best to be there and join in on the fun that not only includes me playing games poorly but possibly taking part in the non-gaming events that include “Chubby Bunnies”, Chilli-eating and think I might be a strong candidate for the promising to be very painful chest-waxing challenge.

There will also be other gaming and entertainment related activities like cosplay, playthroughs, gaming tournaments and other fun things highlighting the gaming community. If you want to step up for competing in games including Call of Duty Black Ops or Halo 4 then get in touch with Lenny on Facebook for more information. Same goes if you want to attend the event in person as space may be limited.

Donations will be accepted via the event’s official Everyday Hero Page at and the event will be live streamed on Twitch and Youtube.

Watch my twitter feed and follow the EZiWireless Facebook Page for alerts and updates.

Also keep an eye on the official Facebook event page here. You will also find the official stream here and the twitter account is

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