Patently crazy news

From the department that makes you go huh?

The USPO (US Patent Office) and Apple are at it again and this time it seems that a rectangle with rounded corners is Apple’s idea.

No, really.

According to Gizmodo Australia, the USPO has yet again made itself look like a department staffed by simians (That is the general name for high order primates kids! You are welcome.) by granting Apple rights to the rounded rectangle shape.

I would expect Apple to try to patent everything under the sun but for the USPO to actually grant it makes me wonder what hope any up and coming innovator has in the future if they unwittingly decide to put ground breaking technology into a rectangular case with rounded corners and wind up with the wrong end of a legal claim.

I am baffled. I will leave you with the link to the original story right here.

Do you think the USPO is letting Apple get dumb patents in the hope a public and industry backlash will stop Apple legal from being a bunch of jerks?