Now WE get to keep an eye on Santa.

North American Military tracks Santa’s movements.

Click the logo to go to Norad's Santa Tracker
Click the logo to go to Norad’s Santa Tracker

Not even the big guy in the red suit can escape the glare of US military satellites.

The good news is that they are happy to share Santa’s travels on the official NORAD Santa Tracker.

NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defence Command, a US government department responsible for tracking airborne and space-based threats and once a year the technology used to protect US interests is tuned to Santa’s signal and tracks his progress as he travels the world and distributes presents to the good children of Earth.

If you want to watch Santa, click here to see it take place but be sure to be sleeping by the time he gets to your part of the world.

To all friends of EZiWireless.

Merry Christmas.