New Raspberry Pi model released!

It comes with Wifi and Bluetooth built in with the same tiny size, still less than AUD$60 and is available now or at least until everyone beats you to it.

About as large as a wallet and very easy on it too.

I was quick to order one of these to fiddle with before I posted this because I know this model will fly off shelves all over the world. I missed out on the Pi Zero ad was determined to not let that happen again.

This will be a corker of a mini computer ideal for hobbyists, tinkerers and students alike. It will run versions of Linux AND Microsoft’s “Internet of Things” version of Windows 10 as free downloads. It has been the core of many cool projects like these ones featured on PC Authority thanks to it’s low cost and versatile methods of getting input and triggering outputs besides the usual USB, network and video ports. Updates to follow on the specifications as well as an upcoming review on the product.