Online backup services

When was your last backup?

I have been working on a new product that fills an important need. I know this because I have been seeing this in my day to day work. Lots of systems I see are at best only partially protected from the worst case scenarios. We all know that we need to backup our data. We also know that we need to keep the backup media away from the source of the information as well as test the backups regularly to make sure they will work when needed. This takes time that you would rather be spending on more productive work. I think this system will give your data the protection it needs without tying up your valuable time. An additional bonus is that you do not need any special hardware or additional hard drives, all you need is a working internet connection.

EZiBackup is a way to backup selected files (or your entire system) to an offsite storage facility. This facility is duplicated across multiple tier 3 data centres offering very high security and availability along with the 256-bit encryption used to encrypt your data before it leaves your network.

You can backup any file including documents, photos, media, accounting data, the options are endless. I can even make a full system backup to an external USB hard drive which will be inserted into the data centres and then only the changed files will be backed up via the internet. Recovering your data is simple also. When you need to just restore a couple of files this can be done using the backup program or if it is a large restore an external hard drive will be express shipped out to your location.

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Tier 3 Data Centre –
This is an ANSI accredited standard that requires the following…

  • Multiple links to the internet providing fault tolerant connections
  • Hardware must be able to cope with multiple failures and still function
  • Power must be supplied by at least 2 parallel systems capable of maintaining full power in the event of failure of one system
  • Overall the system must be able to guarantee 99.982% availability


256-bit encryption –
Known as AES 256, this is the current encryption standard that all other ways of encrypting data is measured by. This is used when your files are compressed BEFORE they are transmitted to the datacenters and uses your password to generate a key to scramble your data (do not forget your password as it cannot be decrypted if you lose your password). AES 256 is so strong that it is used by security and intelligence organisations, banks and other high-security applications. So far there have been no reports of this encryption being broken.