Need a VPN? Here is what I use.

People often ask me what VPN service I use and I have been a happy user of ProXPN for some years.

With recent events surrounding people getting warnings on the breaching of copyright laws the question of which VPN crops up.

A copy of anĀ email sent to a client.

I enjoy using ProXPN so much I have secured a discount code to get you 50% off the regular subscription price because I believe that anyone using the internet from a public wifi hotspot, while abroad or if they are concerned about security they should be using a VPN service.

You can try the service for free to see if it suits you and when you want to subscribe you can use the code EZI016 to get 50% off the US$10/month subscription.

When you think about it a reasonable price to protect your identity online and secure your computer when accessing sites via public Wifi hotspots.
To find out more about what VPN technology is and how ProXPN works, take a look at the video below.

A word on the free VPN services out there.

“If you are not paying for the product then you are the product.” We understand that this is the case when using social networks but when it comes to using a service that is supposed to be about privacy and security we should be nervous.

Free VPN services often snoop on what you do or share your connection with other subscribers to a free service.

Nobody does this for free without a reason. They have to make money to justify the service one way or another. If you are paying for the service there is an understanding of where the money is coming from to run the service and how the provider is making money. It is very clear who the customer is.

If you have any further questions about online security for when you are at home, work or abroad I am happy to answer them. Just get in touch via the contact page.