Meet Jibo.

Awesomely good or Awesomely bad?

“The world’s first family robot” they are calling it. There is an Indiegogo campaign running for it and you can pre-order one now.

I have surveyed the family and I have got mixed reactions from “We have to get one” to “It will kill us all!” and I expect to see similar responses from other people. Some people (like me) love to embrace new technology to at least see if it is useful and others will simply keep away.

Going by the video, this swivelling eye sitting on your table delivers lots of personality and with the connection to your messaging and scheduling services seems very capable when it comes to keeping you connected and informed of events around your life.

The Indoegogo¬†campaign has blasted by it’s initial goal of US$100,000 and at the time of writing is sitting at US$1,866,122. You can even preorder your own now for delivery in December 2015 for US$499.

Very slick industrial design, potential for customisation and admittedly kinda cute if you believe everything you see in the video below.