Meerkat vs Periscope

Live Streaming from your pocket is the new thing.

meerkat-periscopeThis is a technology that has been toyed with before and has met great success with the likes of Google hangouts, and but broadcasters have been bound to their desktops and laptops. Mobile streaming has been cumbersome and hard to implement until recently with Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope.

Twitter certainly holds the keys as the social hooks are all delivered through twitter and some functionality for Meerkat has been restricted leaving them to find workarounds to things like top broadcasters.

At the front end I like both platforms but Periscope’s “heart” mechanic (tapping the screen to send a heart to the broadcaster) is a simple “like” function wins me over right now.

Applications seem to be centred around showing fridges (I have no idea why yet) and general chit-chat as well as an additional channel for media organisations to use for breaking on the spot news.

Either way I highly recommend playing with both services to find out what is possible with this technology. Only warning though is to watch your mobile data usage.

My preference right now narrowly goes to Periscope for the simple heart mechanic. Looking forward to innovations from both sides very soon.



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