Mars tech support, how can I help you?

Mars Curiosity Rover running in “Safe Mode” due to file corruption.

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Even in space, you can get tech support. The clever people at NASA have switched the Mars Rover from its “A Side” computer to its backup or “B Side” computer to start repairs on what seems to be corrupted files. The Mars Rover has been designed to handle all sorts of failures and since a technician is a long way the Rover has many features built in including a dual computer system. The B Side computer has been used before when the Rover had to have new software loaded after landing on the surface to test the software before loading it on the A Side.

Speculation is that the corrupted files may have been caused by cosmic rays that could not be stopped by the Rover’s radiation shielding. The process of running diagnostics and repairing the corrupted files is expected to take a week which is pretty good considering the distance covered by remote systems. The timing of this event is pretty annoying for scientists as the the Rover has only just begun to analyze some rock samples recently collected and processed for analysis.

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