Make my own phone for under US$160?

Don’t mind if I do.

Some really clever individual going by the name of David Hunt pulled together a few off-the-shelf parts and put them together to make a touchscreen phone based on the Raspberry Pi computer for less than US$160.

This is running it’s own software and uses a GSM module, touchscreen and battery to make a palm-sized phone that can make and take calls at the moment but I am sure given enough time we could see other features built into the software as all the supporting hardware is there.

One of the really good things about this project is the off-the-shelf components meaning that no soldering or really advanced handy skills are required to put it all together.

The other is that this phone is hand-built and you can have a very unique communication device that could be reconfigured to perform a lot of other functions if you have the time and programming skill to make it happen.

Watch the demo below.