LG puts a new curve on Home Cinema

LG has released to South Korea the first curved OLED TV to the consumer market promising to deliver an IMAX experience to your home cinema.lg-curved-oled-tv

For around USD$13,550 and a few favours from contacts in South Korea you can have your own Organic LED display that gently wraps around the end of your home theatre and promises more vibrant images across the entire display and filling in more of your field of view.

The magic stuff comes from the Organic LED display. Current popular technology is LED/LCD displays which need a backlight to produce a picture. The LED component provides the light while the LCD component acts as a colour filter to produce the image. There are some displays that use LED for the light and colour and they are the current high end displays but OLED makes the display even thinner, lighter and less power hungry while allowing curved displays to be made with a plastic substrate instead of glass making the manufacture of curved displays so much easier.

I also see this technology put to good use in more places than just the home theater. Imagine a place where curves cannot be avoided. Car dashboards and consoles could benefit enormously from this kind of technology. A touch sensitive console replacing controls and displays for in car entertainment, navigation and climate control. Also the top of the dashboard could be an idea place to mount a head up display without interrupting the curve of the dashboard. I also see work surfaces enhanced with an interactive touch display such as counter tops and coffee tables.

Samsung also unveiled a curved display at the recent CES expo but LG has beaten everyone to the market in South Korea with a promise to the rest of the world (maybe) within months.

I could not find details stating that the screen was a 4K display (Ultra High Definition) so I will assume it is the standard HD spec. If this was to be made in a 4K version then I would accept the LG claim of an IMAX experience. Until then I will keep drooling over 4K TVs in the stores until the price of one of my kidneys will fetch the $15000 price tag on the massive 4K displays. 😉

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