How big will tablet computers get?

Lenovo seems to think it will be the size of a coffee table!

Click the image to go to the Lenovo product page.
Click the image to go to the Lenovo product page.

With Apple releasing the iPad Mini and Google rolling out the Nexus 7 you would think that we are heading for tablets you can fit in your hand.

Lenovo has other ideas and is taking it in another direction the IdeaCentre Horizon tablet/desktop convertible computer that stretches to 27 inches and tips the scales at just over 8 kilograms. Not what I expected but after thinking about it a smart move for Lenovo as we we head towards the “Post PC Era” where desktop computing becomes less relevant and buzzwords like mobile and multi-touch becomes more mainstream.

This device straddles the divide between desktop and tablet reasonably well but with some concessions.

As a desktop you can use it standing up with a full size mouse, keyboard, USB ports and HDMI out to get some serious work done and then when you want to change things around you simply fold the stand in and lay the coffee tabletop (Not recommended for holding you coffee) sized slate down on a flat surface to allow people to simultaneously use the tablet to play games, share photos and interact with a growing number of Windows 8 applications as well as bundled programs that come with the IdeaCentre.

It does not compete with smaller tablets in the world of portability and can only squeeze out up to 2 hours of operation on battery which could be just enough to watch a film that does not go on forever.

That said, we could be looking at a viable crossover device that has seen the original Microsoft surface computing concept come a long way. US release is expected around July 2013 at USD$1699 and may be seen in Australian markets shortly after that hopefully for less than AUD$1900.