Java opens doors to hackers again.

Java has once again been blamed for a new exploit that is capable of infecting Apple and Windows computers. Java is a program that works in conjuction with your web browser to perform some pretty complex tasks within web pages and run *.jar files. Did you know that minecraft is a java application?

Here is what you can do to make sure your computer is OK.

Step 1 – Are you at risk? To quickly check to see if your computer is affected, have a look at the EZiWireless EZi-toolkit to run the Java Exploit Checker located at If it comes up OK, you should be safe for now. Go back to facebook or twitter safe in the knowledge that you are OK until the next exploit is found.
Step 2 – So you are at risk? You can download and install the latest version from or there is also a very good site that I use to install all sorts of useful applications called I will cover that later in the article for those that are interested.
Step 3 – We make sure that the fix is done. Go back to to get the all clear. If you still are having problems then you may need to get me to help you. Just go to the live remote support page and call/sms me on 0419965196 so we can get this fixed.

Why is this a problem?

Java is almost everywhere. It runs on all sorts of devices and has pretty much direct access to most of your computer so we have to be sure that we keep out the nasties. Some people say they do not use Java and simply uninstall it. No Java equals no Java problems! While I agree with the logic the fact is that people still use Java and it is a very useful part of computing so I prefer to keep Java up to date to avoid hassles. This Java exploit allows the bad guys to infect your computer with a virus that will take control of your computer. This can be used to steal your information or make your computer part of an “online army” of infected computers that can be used for a range of bad projects from sending out spam email to bringing down entire websites.

What can I do?

The simple answer is update, update, update!
Update your operating system. Install security patches, service packs and other free updates for your computer (updates for Windows, OSX and Linux are available for free).
Update your applications. Applications like Java, Firefox and Chrome need to be kept up to the latest version. Again these updates are free and plug up the security holes almost as quickly as they are found.
Update your antivirus software. Viruses are called viruses because they change ever so slightly and spread very quickly. New variations of viruses are being discovered on an almost daily basis so keeping your antivirus signatuire databases up to date is one of the last lines of defence. Letting your antivirus software get out of date is like removing that last line of defence. Fortunately, updating your antivirus software is as simple as opening the program and clicking on a button named update.

I’m still worried, what can I do?

Seek professional help from a computer expert. Don’t have one? I can help you personally with this. Using remote control technology I can check your computer for problems and make sure that your system is up to date.

You said something about

I did. This is a site that I use almost exclusively to install my favorite and most useful applications on Windows computers. The great thing about installs is that it uses all the default settings and does not install the extra junk like toolbars and does all this without needing my input. I can download and install dozens of programs with only a few clicks and then very little input after starting the ninite installer. Highly recommended.