It had to happen one day.

I have been implicated as a part of a scam. A fraudulent invoice has been generated in my name and is demanding payment. It is very important to pay attention to this post to avoid falling victim to this increasingly common scam.

The scam looks like this:

From: [redacted]
Date: Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 11:25 AM
Subject: contact Your unpaid balance from Private Universe Pty Ltd – 06806
To: [redacted]

Hi [redacted],

In reference to the due amount $1,881.00, we act on behalf of EZiWireless in order to collect the outstanding balance of your debt.

I’d like to bring your attention that the amount was due for payment on 15.08.2016 though no payment has been received, your bill (ID: AA0556505) changed it’s status to: past due. Kindly see inserted the e-bill and the contract between you and EZiWireless.

To avoid additionally penalties, please remit the payment to us before 23 of September 2016.

If you have further queries aboutyour contract, please do not hesitate to connect with us by phone [redacted] or send us an email.

We expect the issue will be resolved ASAP, as we have no doubt in your professional attitude.

Thank you.

The email includes and attachment claiming to be the invoice which I expect would be a word document containing code designed to download and install malicious code which is most likely going to be ransomware.

email_scamRansomware has become an extremely lucrative business for criminals as well as fraudulent invoice scams. If you receive anything like this, advise the parties involved like the kind person that did for me only this morning. Fortunately I am able to post this in response to protect innocent people that might be exposed to this scam.

If you want to protect yourself even further from ransomware, have a look at cryptoprevent. This is a utility that hardens your computer against installing ransomware infections. Highly recommended and has proven its worth with customers that might have been caught out even though they know not to open unsolicited attachments. All it takes is to lose concentration for a few minutes and you are in trouble.

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