iPhone 5 has a Purple Haze feature.

Apple still says “You’re holding it wrong”

I have been watching this for a while and feeling my desire to have the latest iPhone fade. After finding out the maps service in iOS6 is not quite ready and not expected to be at the point of super-useful I learn that the camera another big deal for me is not as flawless as I would like.

It seems that the camera has problems in catching white light from light sources (artificial and natural) as truly white light instead replacing it with a light purple haze. Apple is yet to comment but in a leaked email from technical support to the owner of an iPhone 5 it seems that Apple acknowledges a problem but suggests fixing it by pointing it away from light sources. This sounds a lot like the original iPhone 4 issues with the antenna where Apple simply told everyone “You’re holding it wrong”.

Now with this issue surrounding the camera, the iPhone 5 has really lost its shine and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (the S4 is rumored to be released early next year – I can wait) with the Nokia Windows phone are looking like strong contenders for my next phone.

Have a look at some of the examples of the purple tint here.