Internet Explorer Security Flaw : Update

Internet Explorer users stand by for a critical update.

21st September 2012 12:30 PM WST GMT+8, 05:36 AM GMT
The security update is expected to be available at  12PM US Pacific Time (1AM 22nd September WST GMT+8) so all internet explorer users are encouraged to ensure automatic updates are enabled.

As mentioned in a previous post, Internet explorer has had some major security issues revealed that have been exploited before a permanent fix could be issued by Microsoft.

There are a few workarounds that can be suggested. Any one of these should hold things together until a security update is released later today.

  1. Stop using Internet Explorer (Recommended). This has actually been recommended by Germany’s government department responsible for cyber security. Not a bad idea. Instructions on how to install alternative browsers below. (Recommended)
  2. Apply the Microsoft Fix It solution. Just click on the link to be taken to the page that will enable the workaround with a minimum of fuss. NOTE : This only works on 32 bit versions of Internet Explorer so it is not a complete fix. (Not Recommended)
  3. Deploy Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. If you are running a large network and want to ensure protection against current and future exploits, push your glasses up and get started with installing the tool. Here is the link to the EMET. (This is for experienced and masochistic sysadmins only. If you did not understand any part of this option then it is not for you. Stick to option 1.)

If you skipped down to this part then you are looking for other web browsers. This list of links below will take you to where you can install some good alternatives to Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome – One of my favorites. Fast, clean and does everything I need.

Mozilla Firefox – Another good one. Worth installing.

Safari – Apple’s web browser that also works on Windows. Not too bad.

Opera – A pretty fast browser that can be used to isolate websites that you may have trust issues with (Facebook?). To be clear, I use this browser exclusively for Facebook and no other website. This was in response to changes where Facebook could track your browsing habits even when logged out of Facebook. I found this to be a little too creepy so I sent Facebook to solitary in Opera.

Those are my top 4 that I trust to be safe as long as you install just the basic browser without any toolbars or additional features.

Pro Tip : Don’t forget about one of the best sites I visit to install all those little extras that are needed on Windows. has a great (and free) service where you select all the utilities from a list, download and run a single file to install all those applications without constantly clicking next and without all the annoying toolbars and extras.

When the security update is released, I will be sure to pass it on as soon as I am able.