Internet Explorer flaw puts (almost) everyone at risk. My solution: Don’t panic.

No really, just take a breath.

Hot on the heels of Microsoft pulling the plug on future Windows XP security updates a problem with Internet Explorer has surfaced potentially putting millions of computers at risk.

The flaw could allow a hacker to take complete control of a computer to do just about anything from viewing or changing data to installing anything they like or deleting files. Potentially pretty nasty stuff for people using Internet Explorer. Even worse if you are using using Internet Explorer on a computer running Windows XP as Microsoft has abandoned the ageing Windows Operating System earlier this month.

Security firm executives have been quoted as saying “Microsoft should move fast, this will snowball.”

Fortunately I have a solution you should share with everyone which is so simple even my mother could do this (if she was still on a Windows PC).

The following link to will automatically download a file that will install Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Both of these are more than capable browsers with none of the current security hassles and will even work on Windows XP.

If you are not sure about (which is an amazing site by the way) then you can go to  or and install the browser manually yourself.

Either way, avoiding Internet Explorer is the most important thing you should be taking away from this and sharing with your friends.