HTML5 flaw revealed

HTML5 flaw discovered – May fill your hard drive with garbage.

Click the image to go to the original story.
Click the image to go to the original story.

We all love hard drive space to keep the things we like on them. We also love looking at web pages, some of which are using HTML5 to bring lots of awesome content to our computers.
Sounds perfect right?
Nope.. you can guess where I am going with this. We have an exploit to report to the makers of web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari (even the mobile versions). This exploit allows websites to send data to the computers local storage through the affected browsers that skip an important rule in handling how local storage is accessed resulting in potentially filling a hard drive with garbage and causing the browser to crash or the computer to stop responding. At the time of publishing the only major browsers not affected by this flaw is Mozilla Firefox and Opera due to proper use of the rules regarding access to local storage.
To see the flaw in action, you can go to which will start filling your hard disk with data and keep a running tally on the hard drive used. Don’t fret because this demonstration can be reversed by clicking a button to stop the process and remove the garbage files.
You can also help pressure the manufacturers by submitting a bug report to have the issue fixed ASAP and you should also consider using Mozilla Firefox which has recently been updated. You can find Firefox here ( or at

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