How is your backup?

I am about to release a new product aimed at anyone that has irreplaceable pictures, business records, assignments, legal documents or anything that needs to be backed up.

But first ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have a backup?

Do you keep the backup offsite?

Is the backup automatic?

Have you tested the backup?

Do you TRUST your backup?

Feeling a little knot in your stomach while reading these questions? I can help you with that uneasy feeling.

I am about to release a new product called EZiBackup. Now some of my customers already enjoy a regular service where I visit them once a month and perform regular maintenance, answer questions, advise on upgrades etc as well as take a copy of the most recent backup, test it and take it off site. Because this requires me to be on site I have not been able to service everyone but now with EZiBackup, everyone can now have a backup done automatically, securely and kept offsite. Best of all you have access to your backups any time you like through a secure website. You do not need to have me visit to restore data (but you can if you like).

Starting at around AUD$9 per month, you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to those moments in time you will never capture again or the information that will ensure your financial future.

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