High Profile twitter accounts hacked

Burger King sells out to McDonalds and Jeremy Clarkson becomes a spokesperson for Acai Berry Diet.

Poor Jezza got hacked. Click his face to read the story.
Poor Jezza got hacked.
Click his face to read the story.

In what seems to be separate incidents, the twitter accounts for Burger King and Jeremy Clarkson have been compromised overnight. Posts to the social media streams include Burger King selling it’s entire business to McDonalds. Of course this was met with denial from both businesses involved confirming the hack.

Jeremy Clarkson best know for his role as host in the popular BBC series Top Gear took a slightly different view.
“I have been hacked by spammers. Luckily I have acquired a special set of skills over many years. I will find them. I will kill them.”
After seeing how Clarkson achieves his goals in the regular Top Gear challenges he may well do that and I can be pretty sure his method with be highly unconventional. I really hope it is included in a future Top Gear special.
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