Here is a Facebook friend you need

We all know facebook is big. Really big.

You have lots of friends on facebook maybe. Some of them seem to keep generating a stream of free, entertaining and fun application requests. They look compelling and seem to offer something for nothing. In short you never get something for nothing. You may not pay in dollars and cents but you are paying in a currency more valuable than cash.

Your private information and the information of your friends.

These applications are not screened or kept in check by facebook and by liking a page or application you are potentially exposing your information and the information of your friends in your network. Scary stuff. Facebook does not care because it generates more interest in it’s network. The simple answer is to not use facebook at all but I think you can still use facebook and avoid the risks by being smart with facebook. This is where my featured site comes in. is an ad supported site and service that gives warnings and information on the current scams ranking high on Facebook.

Click here for their facebook page and click here for their website. Like their Facebook page to get the latest scam alerts in your newsfeed.

Thanks Facecrooks for the great work you do!

Facecrooks is not affiliated with Ben Aylett or EZiWireless. This is a free endorsement because of the great work they do and the value they hold to the friends and followers of Ben Aylett and EZiWireless.