Half a million 4K TVs expected to ship this year

The next wave of TV technology is starting to build and we are at the beginning of the UltraHD era.

Click the image for the full story at BroadcastEngineering.com
Click the image for the full story at BroadcastEngineering.com

Big names in TV like Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Vizio and Funai are all beginning to ship the next generation of High Definition television with 4 times the resolution (points of light in a screen) than the current High Defintion (1080P) displays.

These new 4K screens are ranging in size from 50 inches to 110 inches in size which can promise very realistic cinema experience in your own home.

The big concern for the manufacturers however has to do with stuff to actually watch on these massive screens as current BluRay and DVD content does not make the most of this standard in the domestic market.

Hopefully unlike the 3D push we might see some good quality content made available in the new 4K format to make the whole 4K thing a big deal.

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