Govhack 2014

Some of you may not know about Govhack so here is a rundown.

Every year, volunteers get together and have a national coding conference. Teams are organised, coffee is drunk and smart websites are developed to handle large amounts of government collected data. In most cases, weekend-long efforts churn around the clock and produce some interesting presentations of the data as useful information.

The idea is to create an open collaboration between the government, programmers, academia and the general public to mashup, reuse and remix government collected data.

“Govhack is about finding new ways to do great things and encouraging open government and open data.”

Govhack is an event that allows teams the opportunity to show off their skills and if they are the best in their category they stand to win cash prizes and recognition.

The public is encouraged to view and vote on their favourite projects and there is a wide range of projects to view so voting continues for 4 weeks after the event (voting closes around 9th August). The link will be published at

Just some of the entrants in WA are as follows…

Have a look at the list of entrants (my personal favorite is Sarbii with a few others yet to be looked at).

If you are a twitter subscriber you can also use the hashtag #govhack and #govhack2014 to keep up to date with Govhack news.