Google Plus – Slipping behind the velvet rope

With a big thankyou to an old school friend of my wife I have been granted access to one of the biggest technology stories of the day. My first impressions before the “new toy smell” could fade was that this is indeed a different take on the structure of a social network. Sure FB is that juggernaut that has grown organically to where it is today but G+ has been engineered from the ground up (admittedly on the foundations built from the remnants of the failed Buzz and Wave projects) with what clearly looks like an aim at giving FB some serious competition.

A stroke of genius in the limited beta has not only kept the load on the system low but generated insane levels of interest for the public at large. Any way Google decides to do the public release will most likely work very well and ensure a solid user base to kick start the G+ population.

For a change the super-talented nerds of Google have put some serious time into learning social skills and how technology can bridge the gap between social paradigms. The result is a solid and engaging start.

Well done Google, you get a +1 from me.

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