Google Maps + April 1 = pacman in the streets

There are multicoloured ghosts roaming the streets all over the world and they want you!

pacmanIn a fun little tweak to Google maps, you can hit an overview in your browser next to the satellite view to turn the streets around you into a big game of pacman. It works on mobile devices too so you can munch all those dots/cars stuck in the freeway as you enjoy your daily commute.

Samsung is in on it too with the new Galaxy Blade Edge smartphone.
Part phone, part cook’s cleaver. Funny but as far as April Fools pranks go, kinda obvious.

I am really looking forward to the sneaky ones just like the one my daughter sent me a few minutes ago.
“DAD! Daft Punk is coming to Perth! Watch this!”
Then she Rick Rolls me with a Youtube clip.

I have trained her well.

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