Good question…

I had a question a FB follower ask that really stopped me in my tracks this morning…
“Which is better, ipad2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1?”
With all the hoopla surrounding the legal wranglings between Apple and Samsung across the globe I have to admit I lost sight of the big picture. How do the products measure up?
Clearly Apple is very worried if it is going to these lengths to shut Samsung out of the market. I knew this was going to be close.

I started digging around some technology blogs and got some mixed results making the decision that much harder after eventually settling on the following verdict.

You should be happy with either.
They are honestly that close you will have a hard time telling the difference between the hardware with slight wins going to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in areas such as Display size, Display resolution, dimensions, weight and Bluetooth performance. Apple still wins in the areas of stability, speed and interface design.

The Samsung standpoint
If you are a fiddler and you want to customize your tablet experience endlessly then you may get what you want out of the Galaxy Tab with the caveat that the Android ecosystem is a bit of a wild frontier so even though it may be cheaper you are running the gauntlet of a marketplace that is not policed so tread this path with your eyes open for rogue apps that might cause you some security headaches.

The Apple argument
If you are after a device that just works out of the box you will find the iPad2 makes a strong start in meeting your needs as soon as you walk out of the store with easy setup and configuration and a clean, slick interface that Apple is so well known for. Of course there is a price and that is that you get slightly less on paper when it comes to hardware and you are also locked into the Apple universe of a tightly controlled user experience which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.
Add to this the lack of expansion options on the iPad and the only thing saving the Apple is the tightly integrated design, slightly better battery and the reality distortion field that goes with the Apple name.

Picking your next tablet
My verdict requires you to look inside yourself to find your own answer based on the following question.
Are you a genuine geek who loves to tinker or are you someone who expects their technology to serve them?
If you are a geek then you should enjoy the slightly superior hardware in the Galaxy Tab 10.1.
If you are a technology master (your technology serves you, that’s why you brought it) then you will get most right out of the gate from your nice new shiny iPad2.

Looking ahead
Of course this rapidly escalating battle will look very different within 6 months when we can expect to see the iPad2 evolve into the iPad3 and the Galaxy tab may very well fire back with possible upgrades to it’s hardware or a revamped Android marketplace.