Game of Thrones pirates, you are being hunted.

I have just received confirmation that Game of Thrones pirates are actively being hunted through illegal downloading and streaming services.

game of thronesHBO’s Game of Thrones has been a record breaker for many reasons and one of them includes online piracy with the hit series topping the charts for the most downloaded TV series from illegal sites.

The question of access has been a bit driving factor particularly in Australia where Foxtel has maintained an exclusive stranglehold on the rights to broadcast within Australia leading self-confessed pirates to claim that the distribution network and costs associated are prohibitive.

I have received from a contact a copy of an email sent to them claiming to be from legal representation for HBO claiming that a copy of episode 10 of season 6 was being downloaded from an address that was being used by the client at the time.

This was checked out and it does seem that someone using the clients network was indeed downloading something big which could lend some truth to the allegations.

A copy of the email sent to a client.

What it does show though is that systems are in place to track down illegal downloaders and issue notice of breaches based on IP addresses which could lead to HBO seeking settlements from suspected offenders.

In light of a decision made a couple of years ago in Australian courts, this practice is known as speculative invoicing where a rights holder tries to scare a suspected offender into making a quick out of court settlement.

I have always maintained that piracy is breaking the law no matter how you slice it so I would advise against this kind of practice if you want to keep out of this kind of trouble.

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