Fun Stuff

Not all serious business here.. Here are a couple of links from the lighter side of tech and pop culture.

Thinkgeek is one of my favourite places on the internet. Very cool geek toys and pop culture. Well worth a look if you are one of the cool kids that likes nerdy stuff too. A great resource for gift ideas for the geek in your life. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.
Also a place to find awesome product descriptions as you will see below.

Laboratory Beaker Mug - 350 mlLaboratory Beaker Mug – 350 ml


“If you’re awesome, you know that coffee’s heavenly taste comes from a perfect balance of acids – aliphatic, chlorogenic, and alicyclic carboxylic acids and phenolic acids, and sweet roasted carbohydrates in the form of mono and polysaccharides and sucrose, and alkaloids. Hundreds of different individual chemicals! The combinations of which depend mostly on the roast, skill of the roaster, and even the kind of brewing pot you use.”

“The bottom line is, your coffee mug is full of chemistry, so why are you sipping your bitter black brew from a simple and boring ceramic mug? Where’s your science, man?”

“Step up to the big leagues, and drink deeply from your very own laboratory beaker! The glass handle keeps your dainty fingers from burning, while the graduated markings on the side proclaim this to be a vessel of science.”

“Not vessel as in starship, you know – vessel as in container… but why wax synonymic when I could be making a second cup of coffee?”


  • Borosilicate glass laboratory beaker
  • Strong glass handle
  • 400ml perfect for coffee
  • Hand wash only to keep printing.  Microwave safe.