From the department of “Shut up and take my money!”

Leap motion? Bah! You need to be at your desk for that!MYO

Waving your hands around to control things has taken another step forward and it looks like a simple sweatband around your forearm. It’s smart stuff really. It reads the position and speed of your forearm using accelerometers and gyroscopes but the super-cleaver thing is that it can also read the position of your wrist and fingers based on readings taken from sensors measuring muscle activity in your forearm. Try it! Put your hand in a neutral or relaxed position and place your other hand on your forearm.

Now make a fist. Feel the change in your forearm? Try moving one finger, rotating and flexing your wrist. All these motions have an effect on the muscles in your forearm.

This is very similar to old prosthetic technology used to move artificial limbs for amputees that dates back decades. Now the technology has become that precise it allows some pretty cool interaction with the gadgets of today. Just imagine this paired up with the new Google Glass device. Instead of relying solely on voice recognition we now have a less creepy way of getting things done that does not involve a mouse or keyboard. I imagine you could even learn to type with this device by learning to sign with one hand.

Expected to be available at the end of 2013, you can pre-order now for US$149.00 at