Explorer to end?

IE to be no more?

Microsoft is set to dump support for its popular web browser in 2016 putting many users at risk. Here is what you can do to make sure your computer is safe.

It happens eventually, products reach what is known as end of life where it becomes difficult to maintain and the maker of the product no longer supplies security updates. When this happens, it puts people still using that product at risk to security flaws and with Internet Explorer being the gateway to the internet this puts many people still using Internet Explorer at significant risk*.

There are a couple of things you as a user of Windows to protect yourself. There is either the option of upgrading to Windows 10 and for people not interested in going down that path can install another (and better) web browser. In particular Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari web browsers. It is highly recommended to have at least two web browsers on your computer.

Installing web browsers and any other software can be a little daunting so to make things easy I will include 3 links below thanks to the great people at Ninite.com for their excellent service.
Each link will download a small file for you to run, this file will get the latest version of the software you have requested and install it automatically with all the default settings and with no extra software you don’t want.
For Google Chrome, click here.
For Mozilla Firefox, click here.
For both (highly recommended), click here.

To check out what else Ninite.com can offer, have a look here.

*Internet Explorer 11 at the start of 2016 will still be supported but it is always a good idea to have another option.