E3 – Watch Dogs preview

Watch Dogs R18+
After watching the preview to this new game, I am pleased to say that we are reaching the point where the line between cinema and gaming is becoming more blurred. The best computer games are still demanding big budgets, rich story lines and immersive gameplay and Watch Dogs is no different.
The game is called an open world game where you can choose many different ways to meet your ingame goals.
You play the role of a hacker and using your skills as well as the environment around you take on a mission to bring down a corrupt system.
The concepts are pretty cool and like some science fiction could inspire real world innovation. Your character can hack and control the envinroment from mobile phones on the people around you to security cameras, traffic lights and possibly more.
Keep in mind that this is from the same people that have made one of my favourite franchsies, Assassins Creed and the feeling carries over nicely. Very open gameplay with a gritty feeling and a near-future setting makes for a promising release. No release dates to hand yet but I expect we will see this vying for the Holiday dollar around the same time as Halo 4, Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed III.
It is going to be another expensive run to the end of the year.

Warning, this video contains content that may not be suitable for children or some workplaces.