DNSChanger Aftermath (can you still read me?)


So the deadline for DNS changer has come and gone and thankfully I have not heard much about people having problems with this malware. The working group in charge of managing this threat states that the number of infected users is less than 1 percent of all the world’s computers. For such a small percentage of the online population some I am surprised to find ISPs are still taking steps to ensure that people are connected. In some cases they have constructed “walled gardens” to trap infected computers and sent alerts to them say they are still infected with the DNS changer malware.

Some say it this is another technology non-event like the y2k bug and other over-hyped technology doomsday scenarios that really never came to fruition. I think it is partly because with a little awareness we are able to take big steps to make sure we are not infected in the first place.

An ounce of prevention?