Did you back up?

Take advantage of a massive free trial this month!icon_data_big

Did you know that EZiWireless also has an online product called EZiBackup?

Did you also know that you can try it for free until the end of June? No credit card, no obligation, no worrying about backing up!

You will have the backup software installed and tested by Ben (the guy you hear on 6PR radio) and you then get 3 months of endless backups to 10GB of online storage in a secured Australian data centre. You data is even encrypted before it leaves your computer. Backups are logged and the person of your choice is alerted to any problems so you can be sure your backups are reliable.

There you have it…

  • 10GB online and offsite storage.
  • As many backups as you like.
  • Experienced (and semi-famous) technical support.
  • Monitored backups.
  • Free..

If by the new financial year you decide that EZiBackup is not for you (I know, crazy talk right?) then there is no obligation. Just uninstall the software (or get Ben to do it for you) and hang onto Ben’s number in case you need him for anything else later and go about your business. At the very least you would have a computer guy’s phone number and that can’t be all bad.

To get your free trial now (limited places available) just contact Ben on 0419965196 or backup@eziwireless.net.au

About your privacy:

Your privacy is very valuable to you and to EZiWireless. Your information will NEVER be passed on, sold or shared with anyone.