Cryptolocker – countering encryption

A cartoony image of John Shaw from Foolish IT. Click his face to go to the Cryptoprevent page.

Last week I made mention of a new nasty class of ransomware called cryptolocker and how devastating it can be.

I have been looking for simple and effective ways to help prevent problems with Cryptolocker. Antivirus systems are constantly playing catchup so they cannot be relied on 100% and let’s face it, people are going to click on links they probably shouldn’t and not everyone has a good backup of their data.
I could start down the “I told you so” path but that would not help anyone. Instead I have been keeping an eye on the security channels to see if something comes up.
We are very fortunate to have someone like John Nicholas Shaw of Foolish IT in the world. He has created a tool called cryptoprevent and has been given the stamp of approval which is a pretty high accolade in the world of cyber-security.
This utility mimics the behaviour of Cryptolocker (without the bad encrypting stuff) and essentially tests to see if your system is vulnerable and can make changes to your system that will effectively block behaviours used by cryptolocker to do its thing.
A download, install, couple of mouseclicks and a restart is all you need to protect yourself against the current known versions of cryptolocker for free. There is however an option to purchase an automatic updates version that will help prevent future variants of Cryptolocker for a one time fee of USD$25.00. This can be used on as many systems as you like for as long as you like.

Considering how valuable your documents, spreadsheets, photographs, music and movies are you might want to invest a little time and maybe a little money to slam the door on cryptolocker.

If you would like an expert to apply and test the tool I can assist with this all by remote control for AUD$24.00 anywhere in the world. Just mention “cryptoprevent” to take advantage of this offer.