Crypto-ransomware is back.

CryptoPrevent PremiumI have been seeing a sharp increase in cases where people have had computers infected with variations of Cryptolocker and Cryptowall. The newer variants do not yet have a method of recovery once infected so our best option is prevention through…

  1. Keeping an offline backup (I can help you get this arranged).
  2. Installing a trusted tool that greatly reduces your exposure like CryptoPrevent Premium.

What is Cryptolocker/Cryptowall?

This is a relatively new breed of malware that is called ransomware that arrives as an email attachment that looks like a speeding fine/Invoice/Bill/resume etc.
Once the attachment is opened the program goes to work and looks for all documents, spreadsheets, images, videos etc. and encrypts those file properly and then shows a message stating that all your data has been encrypted and you will need to pay these criminals a ransom to get your data back (Costs start at around US$500).
In most cases it is extremely hard to decrypt the data so you are left with the option of paying a criminal for a chance at getting your data back or simply kissing your data goodbye.

The really clever thing with this ransomware is that it hunts down everything connected to the infected PC including external hard drives and networked computers. When these are detected they too get encrypted.

Who is vunerable?

Anyone using a Windows PC that is connected to the internet or an internet-connected local network.

I have a iPhone/Macbook/Android Phone/Chromebook/Linux Computer.

You are at this point in time not vulnerable, you lucky duck.

I have tested CryptoPrevent and I feel confident that this product greatly reduces your exposure to the likes of CryptoLocker/CryptoWall and its variants.

Another scary concept is that this ransomware is spread via email which may use your existing addressbook. This puts your contacts at risk if you get infected or if a friend gets infected this puts you at risk so I encourage you to share this post with your friends and contacts to make sure that we can collectively stop this kind of Malware in its tracks.

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