Crash Sim at home?

(To be shared with anyone that knows someone that loves driving or technology.)

Technology blows me away almost every day.

And today is no exception.

If you (like me) love driving simulation games and (like me) like crashing stuff then you would be pretty interested in this simulation that has been in development for a while and now it looks like it is ready to be released to the public.

If you are a Windows user then you are in luck because is now available on Steam Early Access for US$24.99 (AUD$33.88*). You can even send it as a gift to anyone online by going here.

This is an amazing piece of work with highly detailed models that can be heavily customised and a physics engine that just blows my mind.
I could potentially take an accurate digital model of my own car and drive it in the simulation as I should or I can embrace my inner 8-year old and find out how many different ways I can smash it into houses, trucks, trees, other cars and just about anything else I can think of.

With simulations calculated at over 2000 frames per second you get to slow down the action to see crashes, jumps and bumps distort, crumple, twist and flex the different parts of the vehicles as they react to the environment around them.

You can also get the tech demo from the BeamNG.Drive site to see if your computer has the grunt to run the sim.
Most desktops and laptops with at least 4GB of RAM and a decent video adapter could just scrape by but it is recommended for systems built for gaming with moderate to high-performance video adapters. (System requirements are here.)
Note that this kind of simulation 10 years ago was only possible with REALLY high performance computing facility you might find in a University. Now we can run it on a computer that can fit on your lap! Go nerds!

*Pricing was correct at time of publishing. Changes in exchange rates may impact pricing at the time of purchase.