Community Rebooted with laptop #1


Just this Sunday evening I was standing in my workshop/garage shaking hands with James who seemed to breathe a massive sigh of relief as I handed him the laptop. It was not the laptop he brought in, no money changed hands, this laptop came from someone else and everyone was OK with that.

Around a month ago, I got it into my head that I wanted to help someone in need when I can and the next cry for help I saw I would answer. That call came from James.

James was doing it tough and around a month ago I offered to take a look at his old laptop. The old laptop was a basket case and the cost of parts alone would have been close to a replacement laptop.

Unemployed, homeless, hungry and trying to get by in a modern world with broken technology. Think about it, how hard would life be if you could not get online in a world where almost everything is done on the internet?

When I got the laptop I found the screen was cracked and simply not working. No problem, I can buy a replacement LCD panel and fit it. We should be good to go.
Or so I thought.
With the LCD panel replaced and the laptop powered up I discovered that the motherboard was fried. That had to be replaced as well along with the hard drive that was not spinning up at all. This laptop was dead. I had to write this off and give James the bad news.

Needless to say he was shattered.
I promised him that I would sort something out for him one way or another. I had committed to help him and was determined to see this through.

I put the call out within local Facebook groups for any working laptops that would be suitable for donating and within a day I had a response from a member of the public. The following day I had the laptop itself. It was a good quality HP laptop running Windows 7. This was going to go much better than I expected.

I spent the next week and a bit securely wiping the hard drive, performing drive diagnostics and conditioning, stripping, cleaning, reassembling and finally re-installing Windows 7 with a few useful tools to get James up and running as quickly as possible.

James is quick to pay it forward to by finding another laptop for me to refurbish and donate to someone else in need. The cycle has started and I hope to be able to help more people like James in the future.
If you have a working laptop that could make a difference in someone’s life then I will be happy to securely recycle it to help get our community rebooted.
If you can help just get in touch and we will do good things together.IMG_1442.JPG

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