ClickFrenzy – a lesson in e-commerce

I can hear the servers melting from here…

If you did not know about the ClickFrenzy website yesterday morning, you would know about it by the evening as the site struggles to show anything under the crushing weight of thousands (Yes, thousands not millions) of shoppers shut the site down and provide tech-types a source of amusement.
All the rage and blame aside I think this is a great lesson in designing not only a website but the hardware that supports the site. It seems as though the systems at Ultra Serve (the Australian provider of web servers etc to the Clickfrenzy website) were not expecting the flood of interest generated by the marketing people.
Right now, all we have is speculation where things went wrong. It could be the webservers, routers, load balancers, upstream providers, the code, the database, the load testing, the structure of the whole server farm or all of the above.
Either way, you can watch this unfold on the social networks on twitter under #clickfrenzy, #clickfail and on facebook. If you want a more technical discussion, head over to the Whirlpool forums (

Personally, this is nothing more but a lesson in CAREFULLY planning a system, properly testing it and understanding that it is better to have too much than not enough.

I don’t feel like I have missed out.
I hate shopping anyway.