Citrix, GoToMyPC under attack.

It has been reported by that Citrix’s remote control product GoToMyPC has suffered a sophisticated password attack potentially compromising all computers running GoToMyPC remote support tools.

In a response, Citrix has recommended that all customer passwords are reset and new passwords are recommended to fir these guidelines for a strong password.

• Don’t use a word from the dictionary
• Select strong passwords that can’t easily be guessed with 8 or more characters
• Make it Complex – Randomly add capital letters, punctuation or symbols
• Substitute numbers for letters that look similar (for example, substitute “0” for “o” or “3” for “E”.

Citrix also recommends turning on its 2-step verification option.

To help manage strong passwords, I recommend using Lastpass.

It is properly encrypted, available on your computer, phone or tablet, supports 2 factor authentication and is very affordable (there is a free version and the premium is US$12/year!). Lastpass will even generate very strong passwords and remember them for you so you don’t have to enter them. Lastpass will log in on your behalf!
Imagine having a password like this protecting your account which will far exceed Citrix’s recommendations.