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Weekly News Roundup 25/1/2016

Netflix clamps down on VPN “Pirates”, Security around The Internet of Things needs to be better and 2016 will be the year for VR. Continue reading Weekly News Roundup 25/1/2016

Weekly News Roundup 18/1/2016

I am back for 2016 and there is already some news to cover.

Netflix getting serious about region blockers, Space X is crashing rockets and it is actually a good thing and the Mobile App curation ball is dropped heavily by Google and Apple with culturally insensitive game getting attention. Continue reading Weekly News Roundup 18/1/2016

Podcast : TelstraTV review with Gary Adshead.

On this special podcast, I am talking about TelstraTV and video streaming in general and the future of TV entertainment in Australia.


We also touch on VPN services and what part they can play in our viewing habits.

To read my review post on the TelstraTV click here.
Continue reading Podcast : TelstraTV review with Gary Adshead.

So Optus has EPL. Now what?

Australian Telco and ISP Optus has snatched the exclusive Australian EPL broadcast rights from traditional Aussie Pay TV giant Foxtel. What will this mean for the future of live sports coverage in Australia? How is Optus going to pull this off?

We still want it on TV but TV is changing.
We still want it on TV but TV is changing.*

If you want to read the news on this deal have a look at this news item from As for how Optus might distribute this media, well that is what I am really interested in. Continue reading So Optus has EPL. Now what?

Review : Telstra TV

It is a tiny box that is around the size of your fist and could be the biggest thing yet for Telstra’s push deeper into the Aussie media market.

Launch Date : 27 October 2015
Price at launch : AU$109 each or free when bundled with certain plans. (Plus subscription costs for paid services such as Netflix, Presto, Stan etc.)
Best for : Telstra customers looking to get started with streaming or make their dumb TV really smart, Telstra customers with a large digital collection of media looking for a device to play it on their TV. Continue reading Review : Telstra TV