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Should we have a right to privacy?

It is tipped that 2016 will be the year that encryption, privacy and mass surveillance will become one of the biggest concerns in mainstream and legislative discussion.

It started long ago when we started whispering and using coded messages to communicate. No way did we want Bob in purchasing to know about the after work party next week (I don’t know a Bob in purchasing but you get the idea). We didn’t want our manager to know that we were looking for work with a competitor. As for the spouse, we wanted to keep that secret savings account for that special occasion secret (birthdays and stuff, the good kind of secret). Continue reading Should we have a right to privacy?

Community Rebooted with laptop #1


Just this Sunday evening I was standing in my workshop/garage shaking hands with James who seemed to breathe a massive sigh of relief as I handed him the laptop. It was not the laptop he brought in, no money changed hands, this laptop came from someone else and everyone was OK with that.

Around a month ago, I got it into my head that I wanted to help someone in need when I can and the next cry for help I saw I would answer. That call came from James. Continue reading Community Rebooted with laptop #1